Meals & Preparation

Supporting a nutritional and healthy lifestyle

  • Meals on wheels delivery
  • Cooking demonstrations and food education forums
  • Menu planning
  • In-home food preparation

Preparation of healthy, nutritious, and fresh meals can at times become difficult either because of ill health or temporary incapacity.

Our support workers can help with meal preparation for people who find that they’re having difficulty with aspects of cooking but would still like to be able to prepare their own meals.

The type of assistance required is different for everyone, so a personal assessment is undertaken before we commerce our service. The assessment includes any occupational health and safety issues that may arise as well as personal preferences and specific dietary or health requirements.

This service may be delivered in conjunction with assistance from family members or Meals On Wheels and your ongoing need will be considered based on any changing circumstances.

If you would like more information about this service, please contact us.