Home Care Packages with Belong at Home

You want to live in your home, on your terms. We can help with that. We help you stay home, stay connected and stay in charge.

You can tailor your home care package to meet your individual requirements. And we grow with you: if your needs change, your home care services can change too. At Belong at Home, we work with you, to support you through your home care journey.

What is a Home Care Package (HCP)?

A Home Care Package is government supplied-funding for senior Australians needing care to stay independent at home for longer. To help meet the different needs of seniors’ personal circumstances, there are four different levels of Home Care Packages, which range from lower level care – Level 1 Home Care Package, right through to higher level, more complex care – Level 4 Home Care Package.

Level 1 Home Care Package – Basic assistance designed to give you a little extra support to help stay independent. This HCP level might include one or two visits a week from a care worker.

Level 2 Home Care Package – Low-level assistance that gives you the extra support you need to stay independent. This HCP level might include three or four visits a week from a care worker.

Level 3 Home Care Package – Home care services for seniors who need more support to stay living at home. This HCP level might include visits from a care worker or a nurse most days of the week.

Level 4 Home Care Package – High-level home care suitable for people with high-level or complex nursing needs. This HCP level might include visits every day from a care worker and regular visits from a nurse.

If you are eligible for home care funding, you can use it to access a range of services to help you at home, care for your health and increase your happiness. If you are not ready or able to access a Home Care Package (HCP), you might instead look into the services Belong at Home provides under the Commonwealth Home Support Program (CHSP).

Home care cost and eligibility

If you are over 65 years of age and are an Australian citizen, you may be eligible for support.

The government sets the maximum basic daily fee at up to 17.5% of the basic age pension, depending on the HCP level approved. The government may also assess you as needing to pay an Income Tested Care Fee. The amount may be negotiated with your chosen home care service provider based on what you can afford and the services that you require. Upon the request, Belong at Home can review your individual situation and waive or reduce an Income Tested Care Fee if your assessed care needs are not impacted.

At Belong at Home, we offer a free referral service, where we can contact My Aged Care with you and help you to get the approval process started. To utilise this free service and begin speaking with your care guide please call your local office and we’ll call you back or complete your details online using our HCP contact form.

Refer to our handy guide below for a 6 step guide to organising and accessing your Home Care Package.